About Us


SID Global was initially founded as RFB-RFID, a leading high tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of RFID readers. Recognizing the immense potential in mobile & wireless technology, SID Global Co Ltd (Super Intelligent Device) was established in 2004 by the merger of RFB-RFID, RF-iDent and Print Cube Technology, to form one of the largest manufacturers of RFID readers and mobile printers in the region.

SID Global boasts a production plant with 1300 square meters in floor area, complete with clean room facilities and 2 SMT production lines. WIT Assessment has since certified the plant with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification.

From this plant alone, millions of RFID readers were manufactured and sold to customers from 130 countries around the globe. Indeed SID’s readers are not only compliant to international standards but also customizable to suit specific requirements by various customers while maintaining competitive pricing.

Bearing testament to its reputation and track record in the market, SID Global has formed strategic partnerships with leading industry players such as HID, LEGIC and IMPINJ, effectively cementing its position in the RFID industry.


The SID’s RFID and Card Readers Division manufactures technologically advanced RFID readers in 14 major product categories. This includes:

  • LF readers (Low Frequency) – 125 KHz & 134 KHz
  • HF readers (High Frequency) – 13.56 MHz
  • UHF readers (Ultra-High Frequency) – 860 to 960 MHz

SID Global has a strong presence in many industries including electrical, construction, manufacturing, plant MRO, process & automation, electronic test & measurement and field service/maintenance, etc.


The SID’s Mobile Printer Division is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in high quality mobile thermal printer and related products. SID Global markets its range of printer products through a network of national/regional stocking distributors, international master distributors and also through the e-Commerce on the Internet.

Owing to its quality and affordable pricing, numerous customers and governmental agencies had made SID mobile & thermal printers as the brand of choice.